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All his own hair

From Dudley's time billed as
"Oakland's golden-haired boy":


Things to do in Visalia CA

Scroll 'Master Dudley' to the right to see more...


All you of Earth are idiots

Dudley Manlove was the last one who really tried to help Eddie. He showed up at our place, before we got kicked out, with his beautiful big white Cadillac. He stood in the doorway of that hovel - "Come on, Woody, let's go the Veterans' Hospital." But he wouldn't do it.
(Kathy Wood)

My media

My interests

Silents and early talkies;
cinematic obscurities
Egyptian film and music;
Dudley Manlove
Fox Sunshine Comedies;
and most other stuff from Thomas Alva Edison
to Herschell Gordon Lewis ;-)

My occupation

Film historian type person

KLX snap dancer


1930 news item in The Oakland Aegis


Dudley Scalplove


Larry Mo and Curly in 1956